SmartPlate’s setup is simple. Once you have downloaded the app:

Create your account on the app.
Put 2 XX-batteries (included) inside your device.
Connect the device to your smartphone via Bluetooth. (Follow the specific Bluetooth instructions on your phone. Most require 1 click.)
Set up your calorie, macro, and weight goals as prompted by the app. (Note: The device has to be connected the first time you set your goals.)

Now you are ready to watch the quick how-to tutorial. So you know exactly how to track your meals.

Definitely. You must have a smartphone with the ability to download the app and connect to the SmartPlate scales via Bluetooth.

By late 2021.

Nope! When eating out, you can leave your device at home. Restaurant meals are added with a quick search in the restaurant database.

Yes, the trays, tray holder and to-go lid are all dishwasher and microwave safe. We make them from BPA/BPS-free, non-stick, and heat resistant plastic.

Caution! The electronic scale base should NEVER be put in the microwave or submerged in water. Gently wipe down the surface if needed with a damp cloth.

The SmartPlate device measures 10 inches across for a size that’s perfect for preventing portion distortion. So yeah, it fits nicely on your countertop and stores easily in a standard kitchen cabinet.

Absolutely! Your subscription comes with up to 5 users. So it’s perfect for the whole family. Each user can connect to any nearby SmartPlate device via Bluetooth whenever you want to track a meal.

Standard shipping times range 3-5 days for the continental US and 7-8 days for Canada.

Just like with a streaming service like NetFlix, SmartPlate’s subscription model helps us continually innovate the technology. So you get even more healthy-habit-forming functionality. We also continually add to the database to improve food recognition and bring your more restaurant meal information. 

You get access to all app features and functionality with an active subscription. Pay month to month or once a year depending on which plan you choose at checkout.

Nope! Because the app is designed to work with the SmartPlate scale, you need a device to use the app.  

If your device malfunctions or breaks at any time up to 365 days after purchase, we will replace your hardware (the scale).

Simple. You get 30 full days to fall in love with your SmartPlate or get a full refund. See refund terms here.

You can cancel your subscription anytime via (1) from your SmartPlate store account or (2) by contacting customer service. Cancel at least 24 hours before the next renewal date to avoid being charged for the upcoming billing cycle. When you cancel, you are canceling the next billing charge. App features remain available to you until the end of your current paid subscription period.

We have more answers! Browse all FAQs here. Or contact our team here.