What you'll get?

SmartPlate Scales
Track meals in snap. Your device comes with 3 highly precise food scales powered by artificial intelligence. Batteries included.

SmartPlate Trays, Tray Holder & To-Go Lid
Plus, get 2 sets of trays, a tray holder, and to-go lid. We make them from BPA/BPS-free, non-stick, heat resistant plastic. So they are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Calorie & Macro Tracking
Keep tabs on the nutritional info that matters most to your health and weight goals.

Digital Nutrition Journal
See progress in one convenient place. Oh look, I’m doing great!

Choose Custom Calorie & Macro Goals
Set limits by meal or by day. And specify different limits for training days and rest days.

Track Meals by Photo
No manual counting! Snap a photo to track meals (up to 3 foods at once) in 5 seconds flat. And with 99% accuracy. SmartPlate even recognizes 1000+ mixed-ingredient dishes.

Track Restaurant Meals With 1 Click
Order out without sabotaging yourself. With SmartPlate, choose from 300,000+ meals, covering 90% of major restaurant chains.

Scan Barcodes on Packaged Foods & Beverages
Eat well even on the go. SmartPlate recognizes over 1 million barcodes.

The SmartCoach Chatbot
Put a personal nutritionist in your backpocket. SmartCoach can answer 1000+ questions on nutrition and fitness.

Nutritional Alerts
Stay on track before a meal puts your eating plan at risk. Carb limit!

Get Personalized Meal & Recipe Ideas Anytime
Never wonder: What can I eat? SmartCoach recommends meals and recipes to fit your plan, preferences, and goals. When at home or at your favorite restaurant.

Support Your Specific Diet
Find meals and recipes suitable for Keto, Paleo, Mediterranean, low-carb, plant-based, and other specific diets.

Up to 5 Users Per Membership
Like Netflix for healthy eating habits, use SmartPlate with your whole family.

Integrate with Apple Health (WHOOP & FitBit coming soon!)
Give yourself a holistic picture of your health. More integrations coming soon!